Entrepreneurial leaders of our region

Entrepreneurial leaders of our region

GALEB Šabac, one of the entrepreneurial leaders of our region, was registered  in 1989 as the first private company in the former SFRY and was founded on April 1, 1977, as  an electrical engineering and electronics workshop.


During almost five decades of successful and dynamic development, we have conquered new domains of business.


From a leader in the field of production, sale, and servicing of electric tools as well as equipment for industry and thanks to a long tradition in the field of electronics, we became the largest Serbian manufacturer and exporter of fiscal devices and terminals for remote reading of data from fiscal devices, railway signaling systems, GPS systems for satellite tracking, metal processing, metal packaging, production of safes, metal accessories and containers for specific purposes, as well as manufacturing of steel structures. We reached where we are thanks to our 500 employees, our seven companies in the country, and more than 200 authorized servicers and distributors across the region.


With all this, the company has fully embraced its corporate slogan Galeb - Partner to the best, it is up to us to invest in our knowledge, strength, and desire to stay on that path.



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