DUT-E is used in GPS tracking and vehicle telematics systems as additional fuel sensors or as a replacement of standard built-in (factory) fuel level sensors. The sensor installed by Galeb has a sensitivity of only 1%. The sensor is installed in the tank of the vehicle and communicates with the GPS device via the RS232 port or wireless network. DUT -E sensor allows us to obtain a graph of fuel consumption with changes and the average consumption per vehicle route. The spectrum of application of these sensors is wide, they can most often be used to measure the fuel level at:


  • A truck
  • Construction machines
  • Agricultural machines
  • Delivery vehicles


Using sensors for measuring the fuel level successfully prevents fuel manipulation, achieves savings, and reduces the average fuel consumption by up to 40%.




Sonde 1
Sonde 2

To improve the monitoring service and to improve the control of unauthorized removal of fuel from the tank, the option of sending notifications in case of sudden changes in the vehicle's tank has been developed. The service customers receive a quick notification indicating changes in the reservoir, with a short URL to display the event on the map.


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