At the beginning of 2016, Galeb presented the next generation of GPS vehicle tracking devices - GALEB GS 100. Compared to previous models, the GALEB GS 100 has smaller dimensions, better operational reliability, and an improved system for automatic integration with additional sensors. The GPS device is intended for satellite tracking of vehicles but can be used for tracking moving and stationary objects. The GS-100 model contains two RS 232 ports, one 1-wire port, and a 10-pin connector for digital and analog inputs/outputs, including external antennas.


GS-100 B

Set up and configure the device via SMS commands or the appropriate configurator. GPS device GS 100 can optionally contain a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1150 mAh, with an autonomy of 7-12 hours in case of loss of the main power supply from the vehicle. Within this model, there is 2MB of flash memory, which enables the device to store 43,000 data in case of signal loss. In normal operating mode, the vehicle can save data for 45 days of vehicle operation without a GSM signal.