GALEB GPS Locator establishes two-way voice communication for emergencies. The locator supports up to 5 call or SMS recipients, allowing you to send a text message or initiate a call immediately when emergency help is needed. The device contains five programmable buttons that are able to be used for alerts, on-call action, on-demand monitoring, and other events.

The device comes with a battery and a charger, which ensures the autonomy of the GALEB GPS Locator.

GPS Locator: Personal device for tracking

GALEB Personal locators contain specially programmed scenarios for ensuring personal safety in situations where there exists a risk, such as unforeseen circumstances at workplaces, with elderly persons, and the like. The device contains systems for recognizing exit from the defined geo-zone, which can be defined in as many as 50 multiple locations. The possibility of connecting to heart rate measuring devices in case of a heart attack.


GALEB personal locators can be used for pets or hunting dogs that are in different demanding areas. There is an option to purchase collars to secure the locator.