Fleet cost management



Galeb company presented a new application at the beginning of 2023 as a complement to the system for GPS satellite vehicle tracking, which manages the complete administration and operation cost of the vehicle fleet. The application can be used with an existing satellite vehicle tracking system, or as an independent unit. Fleet operation cost management consists of:


  • Vehicle registrations
  • Technical inspections
  • Service interventions
  • Refueling
  • Analysis of vehicle fleet costs
  • Analysis of the driver's work hours
  • Automatic reporting and alarming
  • Travel warrant(electronic travel warrants)
  • Driver traffic violations and penalties
  • Recording of all activities that include the operation and functioning of the fleet


The application enables simple and quick generating of reports for total or individual vehicle/driver costs. You can send a request for a demo account to email gpstim@galeb.com and prodaja@galeb.com or phone number +381 15 367 777.