GALEB ORIS 11: Tracking on a mobile phone



Galeb ORIS 11 mobile applications enable vehicle GPS tracking and positioning on devices supported by  Android or IOS operating systems. The application is developed by Galeb and is intended for more efficient fleet management via mobile phones and tablets. ORIS 11 is designed to enable our users to do business faster and easier. The advantage of the application is control over the mobile phone, and ease of use with all the functionalities, without which fleet management cannot be imagined. After downloading the application for free on the Google Play Store, the user can access the application at any time from his smartphone. The Galeb ORIS 11 application supports:


  • displaying exact position of the vehicle
  • vehicle status
  • display statuses of connected sensors (fuel level, rpm, engine temperature, vehicle mileage, driver ID)
  • display of vehicle movement history, vehicle movement simulation
  • display of vehicle stopping and parking
  • display of speeding in real-time
  • display of vehicle speed in real-time
  • refueling and fuel theft notices
  • ignition lock activation/deactivation notifications
  • speeding notices
  • calculation of distance traveled per vehicle
  • a selection of different maps
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Download application here Android Application GALEB ORIS 11

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